What’s for dinner? Don’t you get tired of hearing that question? Wouldn’t you like to know there is a selection of healthful, delicious, “fast” meals sitting right in you refrigerator? Gourmet Your Way is your answer! Gourmet Your Way is a unique, Personal Chef Service providing you affordable meals that are customized and prepared just for you. My goal is to make each meal the very best you have ever tasted. I have the ability to cook not only to your tastes, but also according to your dietary requirements.

When you’ve decided that a Personal Chef is the answer to your “What’s for dinner?” dilemma, I will come to your home and conduct an interview with you (and your family) and complete a detailed questionnaire. A personalized menu is prepared, which lists enough entrees and side dishes to cover a day, week, or even a month, and is presented to you for your approval prior to your scheduled cooking day. Once you have approved the menu, I will schedule a cook day especially for you, and I will shop for all groceries needed. I prepare the meals then package and refrigerate or freeze each item, leaving thawing and heating instructions. When it’s time for dinner, your meals will taste like they were just prepared!


I use only the freshest vegetables available, select the freshest fish, top-quality meats and poultry and the freshest herbs and seasonings harvested that day or ground fresh for your meal. Gourmet Your Way is ready to provide you with this affordable, time-saving service which will solve your “What’s for dinner?” problem. Call or email now for a free, no-obligation consultation.

In addition to regular meal cooking, I can also cook for dinner parties, in-home gatherings, or any other special occasions. For those interested, I am also quite knowledgable with pairing food and wine. I have visited many wineries throughout the country learning the intricacies of matching wine with meals. I have also done extensive reading on the subject and have taken courses, as well as helped organize and prepare wine/food tastings.