Mediterranean, Paleo, and Gluten-free, oh my!

As a personal chef, I often get requests for specific diets and dietary restrictions. So often there is a new diet trend designed to promote overall health and well-being (Mediterranean) as well as to address specific health issues (gluten free). Of course, there are also the tried and true diets like Weight Watchers. Some specific diets fade away and then make a big comeback, such as Atkins. There are merits to all these diets, so one cannot simply dismiss them as a “fad”. In fact, some have been proven to reduce cholesterol and hypertension, and increase longevity. Selecting a diet for yourself is a very personal decision, and only you know what is best for you. What is your goal? Lose weight? Avoid certain foods? Reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure? Limit your intake of carbohydrates? Do you need to control your blood sugar? With all these questions, it often helps to consult with your physician or even a registered dietician. Once you have decided which diet best suits you, you can opt to cook for yourself or use an experienced personal chef to conveniently do all the work for you.

Over the years, Gourmet Your Way has helped many clients improve their health and even lose weight. For example, one male client dropped his cholesterol 70 points after eating Weight Watchers meals prepared by Gourmet Your Way. Also, two clients, a couple, both lost significant weight on Weight Watchers. At Gourmet Your Way Personal Chef Service, I am familiar with most diets and can personalize them to your specific needs. In fact, I have clients with every diet mentioned above. If you have any questions about any specific diet, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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