I have been extensively involved in the food service industry since 1983. I began learning the basics of cooking “at my mother’s knee” from about the age of nine. I continued gaining experience and honing my skills on family and friends, and was always chosen to do the meal planning and preparation for informal get-togethers. Many of my family, friends, and acquaintances have come to expect and receive top-notch dishes, which are always highly anticipated at gatherings. As a member of the American Personal & Private Chef Association and a Premier Member of the United States Personal Chef Association, I have continued studying different cuisines and cooking techniques throughout my travels and have a special panache with fresh seafood. I have also found a natural blend between the love of preparing delicious, gourmet-style meals and maintaining balanced, nutritional value. Often, many assume that healthful cuisine equates to bland taste. To me, this is a myth, as I have had vast experience in cooking delicious, yet healthful, meals.

Life is always a learning experience, and that is true with cooking as well. I’m always learning new styles of cuisine and cooking techniques through ongoing education as well as extensive reading and frequent visits to the kitchens of many fine dining establishments.